Italian peninsula around 1000 AD.

Production centers in the Western world thirteenth century.
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Italian peninsula around 1000 AD.

immagine didascalia

Production centers in the Western world thirteenth century.

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The early trade policy of the Serenissima

In the 9th Century, a group of Venetian patricians became interested in promoting a foreign policy of opening up the seas and trade towards the East.

Thanks to Venice’s strength and ability, the city was gradually taking on the role of the link between Europe, the Islamic world and areas under Byzantine influence. The city’s proximity to the Frankish Empire and its favourable relationships with the Byzantine Empire and Constantinople quickly turned Venice into one of the main trading ports between the West and the East. This allowed for the development of a dynamic and enterprising class of merchant that over the next four centuries or so transformed the city from a remote imperial outpost and settlement into an independent power and ruler of the seas.

Most of the goods coming from North Europe and the Levant (valuable artefacts and precious raw materials, including wood for construction) began to pass through Venice, thus contributing to the birth and development of lucrative businesses serving trade, such as the slave trade, passenger transport, the postal service and trade on behalf of others.

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Venice and its lagoons

World Heritage, a dialogue between cultures: which future?

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