In 2009, Palazzo Grimani became the Venice Architecture Museum.

A room of the Palazzo Grimani.
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In 2009, Palazzo Grimani became the Venice Architecture Museum.

immagine didascalia

A room of the Palazzo Grimani.

Palazzo Grimani - Architecture Museum

The original home of Antonio Grimani, doge from 1521 to 1523, the current building is the result of architectural interventions carried out between 1532 and 1569.

Palazzo Grimani is the result of a style of architecture that merges traditional Venetian and Tuscan/Roman elements. The finished project is far from the classic pattern of Venetian palaces: the central part does not have the usual relief, while the columns and windows form a play of light and shadow that seems to break the plane of the façade into separate planes.

This merging of different artistic cultures is also seen in the interior decoration, painted by artists from various schools. The artistic/historical importance of this building reflects the taste and cultural politics of the Grimani family engaged in the society, economy and politics of both Venice and Rome. In 1981 Palazzo Grimani became part of the Venice Museum System.

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