The island as seen from the lagoon.

The island seen from Chiesa dei Carmini.
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immagine didascalia

The island as seen from the lagoon.

immagine didascalia

The island seen from Chiesa dei Carmini.

Island of Sacca Sessola

The island of "Sacca Sessola" is a recently formed island, having been built at the beginning of the last century using materials coming from excavations for the building of a navigable canal.

It is clearly visible in the southern part of the lagoon, being some 17 hectares in area. Its microclimate is especially mild and so is perfect for growing a wide range of plants: vines, pines, olive trees, roses and even exotic plants.

There was once a large hospital here, the buildings then chosen for the seat of a UNESCO project for the conservation of the Venetian lagoon ecosystem. As a result, a museum of boats and other lagoon equipment was set up here.

Sold in 2000 to a multinational company, it has been converted into vast tourist/hotel complex. A permit is now required to land on the island.

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Venice and its lagoons

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