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Idea, project and coordination

Professor Cecilia Preziuso,
Member of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO


Produced by the ALIUSMODI cultural association, Patronage:
UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)
UNESCO - World Heritage Centre
ICCROM (Center for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property)
Italian National Commission for UNESCO
Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The City of Venice


Scientific Committee
Giovanni Alliata di Montereale, Managing Committee of the CINI Foundation in Venice;
Mounir Bouchenaki, Director General of ICCROM;
Umberto Leanza, Full Professor of International Law at the “Tor Vergata” University in Rome;
Predrag Matvejević, Full Professor of Slavic Literature at the “La Sapienza” University in Rome;
Federica Mucci, Researcher in International Law at the “Tor Vergata” University in Rome;
Giulio Cesare Giordano, General Secretary of the CICT - UNESCO;
Roberto Manuel Guido, head of the UNESCO World Heritage Division at the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage;
Maria Rosaria Palombi, UNESCO World Heritage Division at the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

Individual contributors

Carlo Beltrame, Full Professor of Marine Archaeology at the Cà Foscari University in Venice,

The underwater archaeological heritage of the Venice lagoon.

Mounir Bouchenaki, Director General of ICCROM,
Concerning the Cultural Diversity and Intangible Heritage.

Diego Calaon, Researcher, Department of Classics and the Near East at the Cà Foscari University in Venice,
The mediaeval archaeology of a great European port.

Vera Costantini, Researcher, Department of Euro-Asian Studies at the Cà Foscari University in Venice,
The Venetian community in Aleppo;
Trade treaties and diplomatic relations with the Ottoman Empire;
The trade routes.

Giovannella Cresci Marrone, Full Professor of Roman History, Department of Classics and the Near East at the Cà Foscari University in Venice,
The lagoon of Venice during the Gothic kingdom.

Michela Dal Borgo, State Archiver, Co-ordinating Director of the State Archives of Venice,
The old markets and cuisine of Venice;
Craft guilds in Venice;
Life in the 1500s.

Armando Danella, Advisor to the Municipality of Venice

The complexity of the safeguarding of Venice.

Arturo Faraone, Ship's Captain,
The Arsenale of Venice.

Franco Filippi, Venetian Publisher,
The art of printing in Venice;
Influences felt in everyday life

Ludovico Geymonat, Doctor at the University of California, Davis,
The palaces of Venice.

Roberto Manuel Guido, Head of the UNESCO World Heritage Division at the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage,
Experience in managing Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Toni Hildebrandt, Cand. Phil. “Franz Liszt” Hochschule für Musik in Weimar and the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität in Jena, “Hauptstudium”,
Venice and music.

Francesco Mancuso, Full Professor of Architecture, Urban Development Department, IUAV University, Venice,
Urban development;
Modern Venice;
Venice and tourism;
Venice, an industrial city.

Michelangelo Mandich, Painter,
Venetian painting, from its origins to the 18th Century;
Church architecture;
Citizens in the 18th Century;
Changes in lifestyle;
Meeting places for politicians and artists.

Federica Mucci, Researcher in International Law at the Tor Vergata University, Rome,
The UNESCO World Heritage Committee;
The 1972 Convention.

Gherardo Ortalli, Full Professor of Mediaeval History, Department of Historical Studies at the “Cà Foscari” University, Venice,
The formation of a state of a special nature.

Salvatore Pappalardo, Researcher, Department of Historical Studies and Records University, Udine,
Piracy on the North Adriatic.

Daria Perocco, Full Professor of Italian Literature at the “Ca' Foscari” University, Venice,
Venice in literature.

Mario Piana, Associate Professor of Restoration, Department of the History of Architecture at the IUAV University in Venice,
Lagoon construction styles and safeguarding problems.

Paolo Pirazzoli, Emeritus Director of research at the CNRS -(Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), Meudon, France,
Eustatic variations.

Maria Giovanna Piva, Engineer, Magistrate of Waters in Venice,
The lagoon of Venice;
State intervention to protect Venice.

Cecilia Preziuso, Member of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO,
UNESCO in Venice;
Monuments of the past, today.

Maurizio Scaparro, Theatre Director, Theatre Director of  Venice Biennale,
Venice, utopia within our reach.  

Alvise Zorzi, Journalist and Essayist, President of the international Committees for Venice,
The Internal Committees;
What it means to be a "Venetian".

Translations by
Katrine Louise Moore, John Ballantyne, Josiane Tourres, Nour Melehi, Giselle Laglace, Mohammed Abdali, Céline Rivoire-Vicat, Sira Debén Tiscar, Gerardo Fernandez Medina, Carmen Rodriguez.


Lamberto Macchi
Antonio Arena
Lamberto Macchi Edizioni Pontevecchio


The multimedia work (2° edizione)

Production  Ud'Anet s.r.l. (
Executive Producer Ing. Maurizio Preziuso
Elaboration and Direction by Nicola Fiori
Supervision Prof.ssa Cecilia Preziuso
Photos Marianina Baltar, APT of Venice (Tourist Promotion Agency)
Iconography Cecilia Preziuso, Maurizio Preziuso
Software Development and Web authoring Maurizio Preziuso, Mauro Cecamore, Serafina Del Grosso, Nicola Fiori
Graphics Gianfranco Cotumaccio

Most of the photos and films used for each article have been indicated or supplied by the authors.All contents have been used in full respect of copyright law. Given the large quantity of material involved, the producers apologise for any accidental oversights and/or omissions and are fully willing to resolve any problems that may arise as a result.



On behalf of ALIUSMODI I would like to thank all those who have believed in this project and have contributed to it, offering their advice, cooperation, authorization to film their structures and the use of photos and images covered by copyright.

Special thanks go to:

The members of the Scientific Committee

The International Organizations and Public Bodies who have given their patronage

The Experts responsible for the individual contributions

The Composers of sound-track

The Translators

Iconographic Material:

Prof. Marianina Baltar;

Prof. Carlo Beltrame;

Mounir Bouchenaki;

Dott. Diego Calaon;

Dr. Vera Costantini;

Dr. Michela Dal Borgo;

Dott. Arturo Faraone;

Franco Filippi, Editor;

Dott. Ludovico Geymonat;

Michelangelo Mandich, Painter;

Dott. Salvatore Pappalardo;

Prof. Mario Piana;

Prof. Paolo Pirazzoli;

M° Maurizio Scaparro;

Museum Correr - Venice;

Museum Guggenheim - Venice;

Academy of Fine Arts - Venice;

APT of Venice (Tourist Promotion Agency);

State Archives – Venice;

Photo Archive Magistrato delle Acque - Venice;

International Private Committees - Venice;

The City of Venice;

La Biennale di Venezia Foundation - Venice;

Giorgio Cini Foundation - Venice;

Querini Stampalia Foundation - Venice;

ICCROM - Rome;

Veneto Institure of Science, Literature and Art - Venice;

Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage - Rome;

la Fenice Theatre - Venice;


Unesco World Heritage Centre - Paris;

Ca' Foscari University - Venice;

Cecilia Preziuso

Venice and its lagoons

World Heritage, a dialogue between cultures: which future?

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